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April 8th, 2013 —

I kinda made this




March 31st, 2013 — Viapastelvanity / sourcepastelvanity


( )_( )


      ~*:・゚✧”Sparkling easter on sparkling sunday. Happy sparkling easter” Like what bunny sez*:・゚✧

March 30th, 2013 —

//this muse is temporarily dead.. Will be here

March 30th, 2013 — Viakiryuzero / sourcekiryuzero



“—‘Morning…” Guess who woke up late again.

       ”Does anyone fancy pizza for breakfast?” Dominos breakfast deal for only 1700¥

March 29th, 2013 —

no tengo pepperonis -- i’m hungry and I want mcnuggets.. damn u ian

March 29th, 2013 —

Ian said: loves down ?????


         blushing Ryan is blushing


March 29th, 2013 —

no tengo pepperonis — apparently I gave up on making random starters.. thanks for the follow tho.. If you wanna rp, ask for it and I’ll write one for you or i duno you guys make one instead ha ha ha(?) 

March 29th, 2013 — Viaivetto / sourceivetto



“You don’t say,” Kyouya laughed lightly at hearing the announcement that he is, indeed, the pizza delivery guy over the intercom. He didn’t have the mind to tell him that he knew, due to already doing background checks on all the delivery guys at this particular pizza place the staff seem to like so well. He shrugged. This made it more entertaining, anyway.

After sliding his glasses back up on his nose, Kyouya nodded to one of the butlers to open the gates for the delivery guy. He bowed a bit and did as commanded by his youngest master. The two watched from the security cameras  to open the main mansion door. But, once Ryan had made it, Kyouya stood in front of his with his arms crossed and wallet waiting. “How do I know you’re not someone bad?” he asked him to play along with his earlier announcement.

        The huge gate were opened, and a man all dressed classily came out to escort him in. All these for he pizzas; they must’ve had high security levels. It made Ryan felt somewhat insecure, he started to sweat as beads ran down from his forehead and followed after the other male. He waited by the front door then and was greeted by someone who looked maybe a year or two younger than but definitely he knew that this person was younger. “Your pizza sir —” And paused, before starting to fidget at his question. Crap this was bad, the guy was doubting him. “N-no. I swear I’m the pizza delivery guy, here’s my working license” And he reached into the  back of his pocket to fish for his wallet; that wasn’t there. Oh more crap, he must’ve left it back at the pizza place. And he was starting to become more nervous, laughing out sheepishly and having his hand searching for his wallet all around his body; though clearly knew it wasn’t there “Aaah, I must’ve left it back” 


{♔}-Haru had been ready to yell at whom ever stood on the other side of the door but when the other spoke she simple looked at him questionably ’did she order pizza ?’ she did tend to do things unconsciously and not remember them later when she grew tired but order pizza ? Well she was a bit peckish but was she going to simple squander money on something she could easily make. ‘it would be more inexpensive to feed off the boy’ but weighing the outcomes it could not have possibly end well 

“Eh how much is it” Pizza it is . 


         She was staring at him for a good few minutes. Out of habit, the taller male scratched the back of his head and started to have his mind wondered about. Aah, probably this girl didn’t really ordered any pizzas and he might have just got the wrong house. That would be possible. “I’m sorry I mu—” He was about to say something when the girl cut him off, and asked him for the price. The boy lifted his lips in a silly grin and held the box out for her. “That would be 3800¥ all together” It was a bit pricey but what would you expect getting two boxes of pepperonis and buffalo chicken. This girl must’ve been hungry. “You must’ve had a big appetite there to want all of these”